Random Number Generator

This is the best way to generate a secure completely random number.

Firstly, we need two 'not-so-secure' random numbers as seed numbers for our ultimate RNG algorithm.

In PHP, we can run "rand(10,10000)" twice, which outputs:
random_number: 1451, random_number_2: 3378

Now that we have our random numbers (as seeds), we can run them through the following algorithm:
$output = $random_number x tan(pi() / $random_number_2)

If we run our two random seed numbers through this algorithm the output is: 1.3494530060997
This is, by itself, a decent random number, but we can go deeper for more security.

If we take the output number after the decimal place, we can then have access to a secure random number within number space that has decent entropy and cannot be guessed.

If we use '$whole = floor($output);' we get: 1.
Then, we can find the fraction value using 'list($whole, $decimal) = explode(".", $output);'
After we have calculated the decimal value we arrive at our final secure random number: 3494530060997

Full Working PHP code
        $random_number = rand(10,10000);
        $random_number_2 = rand(10, 10000);
	$output = $random_number * (tan(pi() / $random_number_2));
	$whole = floor($output);
	list($whole, $final_secure_number) = explode('.', $output);
	echo $final_secure_number;

Created by Michael Ashworth

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